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 General conversation about Spellcrafting or Magic

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PostSubject: General conversation about Spellcrafting or Magic   Fri Oct 05, 2007 6:54 pm

I thought I'd start a general thread on Spellcrafting or Magic.

To start with I'm curious about how often you engage in Spellcrafting or Magic and generally what type of objectives you most commonly have, e.g. healing, defensive, reflective, love, emotional health, etc, etc?

It doesn;t have to be just about these starter questions, actually no answer is needed at all. I just thought a general thread about Spellcrafting or Magic would be a nice open way to discuss this topic. Smile What do you think anyway?
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PostSubject: Re: General conversation about Spellcrafting or Magic   Thu Oct 23, 2008 5:00 pm

Cool The weaving of magic and specific spell `crafting` (your word) are separate issues. A witch living the life will at any time have any number of ongoing `applications` if you like, running simultaneously. Protections, attractions, talismanics to name but a few. These sort of workings are employed constantly (or should be!) and, as expertise grows, subconciously.
Specific projects may require a more formulated type of construction, with specific references needing to be made solid before progress can be made. These types of `spells` require more planning in the physical realm and will obviously encroach on the day to day life of the practitioner. However, sometimes the very research involved in this preparation can influence not only the way in which the magic is made, but also indeed the final outcome and can thus provide the witch with much instruction about themselves and the way their magic works through them.
The everyday workings of a witch are where the muscles are developed, where the sights are adjusted, and where the basic techniques are learned, and as such this daily contact with the magical enviroment is, in my opinion, an essential part of the training for anyone embarking on a spiritual sojourn.
The larger, more specific workings provide the perfect vehicle to teach the student about the researching of magical correspondences, and the higher practices of ritual magic, as well as the mainstays of withcraft theology.i.e. Motive v. desire,philanthropy etc.
To summarise, witchcraft should be a daily occurance, to promote potency, direction, and good technique. From these will emerge the bigger questions, and greater power.
Stay Strong.Spider Cool
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PostSubject: Re: General conversation about Spellcrafting or Magic   Fri Oct 24, 2008 8:54 am

i agree with spider

whether your creating researching or just meditating it should be daily as to develop your personal relationship with yourself and magic
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PostSubject: Re: General conversation about Spellcrafting or Magic   

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General conversation about Spellcrafting or Magic
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