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 A spell in memory

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Fire Phoenix
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Fire Phoenix

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PostSubject: A spell in memory   Tue Nov 06, 2007 10:52 am

Blessings everyone. I hope everyone is healthy and keeping themselves busy. I have a spell that i created at the beginning of last week as a way of celebrating my friend Aidan, who passed away on the 17/10/07 aged 66 years.

(this spell reflects my own personal spiritual views, not the views of any spellbook or noted witch, use it as you will) BB

Honouring the recently passed spell


1 yellow candle- Aidan was an air sign. use a candle according to astrological sign
1 white candle- Purity, representation
1 Black candle- Focal point, transformation,the path between the physical and the astral/spirit world.
A Quill and Dove's blood Ink
Quartz crystal-Clarity,protection
Soft music if desired


I believe that the body should be cleansed before any spellcraft is initiated. i like to soak in an oil bath and close my eyes,relaxing my phisiological and psychological clock to a steady and subdued rhythm. Of course, im sure everybody has their own way of preparing.

Before i call the quarters, i will smudge my room with a sprig of sage whilst repeating 'Bless and protect' moving from corner to corner, making sure i have touched every area, i will also smudge myself until i am happy that i and the room are cleansed.

The Spell

Sit comfortably, in your usual medititive position and close your eyes, I have soft music playing in the backround, usually just sounds of the ocean, or nature. I feel that jazz fusion is not appropriate. hey, some of you may feel different :-)

when i calm my mind, i will firstly circulate my breathing, visualising it as a blue aura channeling through me, soaking up my worries and doubts, leaving me free and empty of negetivity. When i am ready i will breathe out all of these pent up unwants and sit quietly for a moment, reflecing in my new found stillness. i will imagine a blank page before me and i will focus on that page for five to ten minutes, keeping my mind clear all the while. (progressive relaxation can be helpful)

Call the quarters- Im sure this needs to explanation, I use a quartz athame and start from the East, working clockwise. go your own way with this. Literally and figuratively. I do not invoke any specific deities or angels as i am not a polythestic pagan, i am non-specific in my outlook and believe in energy, and i feel that energy should be something felt by the soul and left undescribed by words rather than given a name and mythologised. Again, do as you usually do, it is what you know, and what feels right.

i will sit in my newly called sacred space for a few moments, maybe repeating a mantra and thinking positive thoughts about the person who has passed.

When you are ready. Annoint the Yellow, white and Black candles with an oil of your choice, (olive oil is fine) working from the top down to the bottom, leave an inch dry at the bottom so that the candle does not slip from its holder. (you should of course already have tea-lights and insence lit)

Light the White candle, remember that in my case, this candle represented Aidans spirit, and the purity of his spirit. visulise your loved ones free spirit as it makes its way from our physical plane to a higher level of awareness. 'Away now from this world you are, so far but yet so near. Your spirit is free, at one with the elements, and with all that is truth. so mote it be'

Light the yellow candle, which in my case represented Aidans astrological sign. He was a Gemeni.

The black candle (or watever colour you choose) is the focal candle, it represents your message and desires, its flame will burn for your loved one, it is the elemental representation of their being, and must be lit with concentration. Of course, say a few words if you wish, or share a memory with the energies present.

After you have sat quietly for a few momments. Pick up your quill and dip it in your ink, and proceed to write your message. make sure you are pouring all of your intent onto that page, so that those words are more than angled blobs of ink on a white backround. They need to be imbued with your own being, imagine that the ink is connected to your thoughts, and that they are the physical manifestation of your essence. Fold the message and tuck it under the main candle, keeping it visable.

If you like, leave an offering for the goddess, or..in my case, enjoy a cold beer and sit in your sacred space until your ready to close the quarters.

close the quarters- again, no explanation needed here.

keep the candles burning for a while. And you can blow them out and relight them anytime you want, or that matters is that your intent and desires are constant.

After the Funeral

Do you have a place you visit that has a lot of personal meaning to you? Or do you want to busy the ashes of your message by your loved ones resting place?

I have a tree in a nearby woodland that i love, and it has a strong link between me and Aidan.

take the message and if you wish burn it and imagine its meaning now making that transition between the physical and the spirit world, that message now needs to be connected with nature, i feel that burying ashes allows it to become one with the soil, for me that is a moving unification.

I have buryed the ashes of my message next to my tree, it is now at one with nature. And of course Aidan IS nature, he is part of that intagible feeling we get when we feel a breeze, or feel the warmth of a fire, or feel stream water run through our fingers. Your loved one hasnt died. there is no death. We JUST ARE. Hold your grief well, and Blessings to you.

I hope that this spell has helped in some way. Thank you for reading. feel free to repost this anywhere you like, and you dont have to cite its origin. Use it well.

Fire Phoenix
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PostSubject: Re: A spell in memory   Tue Nov 06, 2007 11:47 am

Fire Phoenix - that spell is awesome and I can see myself making use of this in the very near future ... thank you for sharing this with us.

I also knew Aiden - not well but liked very much the person that I met ... he will be missed by many people and, when I perform the spell, there will be a special thought for Aiden too.


May the Goddess light your path always,
The God protect
and your heart be filled with Love!

Brightest Blessings!

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PostSubject: Re: A spell in memory   Tue Nov 06, 2007 12:42 pm

Thats a brilliant spell, full of love. x
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PostSubject: Re: A spell in memory   Tue Nov 06, 2007 4:05 pm

Phoenix (Brilliant name by the way!) this spell is well thought out, perfect in simplicity and very precise, leaving nothing to chance: I believe if this works for you, it will work for others!

I am glad you've jumped straight in to the forums and posted your experiences, it is much obliged!!

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PostSubject: Re: A spell in memory   Thu Nov 08, 2007 1:59 pm

A beautiful spell - very moving.

Thank you for contributng. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: A spell in memory   

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A spell in memory
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