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 Another poem x

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Fire Phoenix
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Fire Phoenix

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PostSubject: Another poem x   Wed Nov 07, 2007 4:10 am

Blessings everyone, i have been inspired to write a new poem. I hope this connects with people.

Fire Phoenix

'Some are blessed and some are cursed
the golden one or scarred from birth'

A quote by lyricist Neil Peart from the song the larger bowl by Rush, taken from their snakes and arrows album (2007)

Religion drops the bomb (by fire phoenix)

Equality is the rainbow that arches across a lying sky
Right and wrong, a simple measure, pour us some more
Christianity is a silent storm of gospel knowing
Driving the last spike with the hammer of Thor……

Indoctrinate, discriminate, monopolize your grand debate
Governmental power has sewn its own hand upon the wheel of fate
Imprisonment is imminent, with this control, obscene patrol
A deck of cards, you've chosen fear, the kind that will proliferate
A voice above the crowd, with words aloud
Holds the key, a killing spree, the name of god, his cause, his creed
A need, dispel, misspell a life once worthy, high and proud
Unique you once were but now, you bow, a puppet to the clique
We sit, the fire lit, fear burns, the cosmos churns a mistake was born
The art of mind, body, soul, a modern day Palladio
Brush away incommunicado perpetuated by the radio
The lies, the guilt, don't trust the one who loves
Pursuit, precedes the penalty, your cruelty will serve the master
His disaster, a plan a promise with the devil, deducting from the reason
Manipulate the public at your peril, conduct, mislead, command an orchestra
To play the melody of 9/11, 7/7, Oklahoma and Hiroshima
A clear mind, soft and gentle, we know that life’s a spiral
Drawn within a perfect circle, a rainbow drop holds more of a kiss
Than any peace keeping program, media infused truce, hate dressed up as bliss
That’s all it is.
Is that what it is? Historic, spoken rhetoric, categorical limitation, meditation, medication
The game, the smoke and mirrors, frivolously lacking purpose
No weight, no worth, no meaning to your rotting cause
A name, to this insanity we call the world, our own?
Religion drops the bomb.
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Forum Mother!!
Forum Mother!!

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PostSubject: Re: Another poem x   Wed Nov 07, 2007 5:17 am

Wow - that is so very powerful and emotional

... at this point, I cannot think of anything further to add - however, it is still running through my head so I dare say I will return with further comment later

May the Goddess light your path always,
The God protect
and your heart be filled with Love!

Brightest Blessings!

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Solvo Phasmatis
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Solvo Phasmatis

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PostSubject: Re: Another poem x   Wed Nov 07, 2007 7:33 am

Shit hot poem! Much respect! Powerful stuff and all speaks true.
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PostSubject: Re: Another poem x   Wed Nov 07, 2007 7:42 am

I hate poetry and even I think this is amazing!!

Note: Thor's Hammer = Mjolnir ... sorry, I just love that name!

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PostSubject: Re: Another poem x   Wed Nov 07, 2007 9:03 am

WOW. This is amazing. The words are so powerful and definately ring true =]
i'm very impressed!
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PostSubject: Re: Another poem x   Wed Nov 07, 2007 10:21 am

Fantastic, I love how you portray the manipulation of people through fear and the use of events such as 9/11.
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PostSubject: Re: Another poem x   

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Another poem x
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