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 the global dictatorship

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the global dictatorship Empty
PostSubject: the global dictatorship   the global dictatorship Icon_minitimeWed Nov 07, 2007 4:16 am


If you heard the truth would you believe it? I wish to free you. As I write to you now, I, like you, am under the influence of mind altering 'medication' and hypnosis. The truth is, I cannot tell you exactly what the nature of our bodies and minds are outside of these influences, as for so many generations, our perception of reality has been manipulated to suit an agenda.
Everything you experience, be it in any sense, becomes a part of you. We are the sum of our experiences like a picture is the sum of an artist's brushwork. Since your birth the media has indoctrinated, manipulated and created your mind. Like a computer your mind has been programmed with ethics, emotional responses, beliefs and lies. It has given to you the connotation by which you paint the world you see and the walls that limit you. To understand this world and realise our selves within these turbulent times, we must open our doors and let go of our preconceptions.
At the highest points of our government and media, there is a control. A group of elitists that control from the top down through the compartmentalization of bureaucracy, a secret society membership that has infiltrated the highest levels of world governments for thousands of years. These secret society networks are the modern expression of the mystery schools of ancient Egypt and the Babylonians. It is this entity within our world that was the architect of dogmatic religion.
Institutionalized religion was created to control us. The ancient truths were distorted to create a prison for the human mind. It was believed that in order to save civilisation, powerful myths were needed to create the obedience that would hold society together. Your skin tone and race is just an expression of your historical genetics. Your geographical birthplace bares no relation to your potential for spiritual growth. Do not live within the invisible boundaries of states and land. We are brothers who have forgotten our love for each other. We must go backwards before we can go forwards. The foundations of the modern world are economically and ethically unstable and will not carry us into the limitless future.
Our water is poisoned with fluoride that damages a specific part of the brain so that control can be maintained, the results of which, may never be reversible. The dynamic human spirit is moulded into a collective moral framework that places unethical restrictions on the evolution of the human mind.
World events, such as 9-11 are orchestrated in synchronicity with the advancement of this agenda, whose principal interests are to those of the elite bloodline minority that live out of public view. People, fearfully pleading for protection from terrorists, allow government to advance further towards a police state. Free speech and civil rights are eroded by the day as the centralization of power develops to an overt global dictatorship.
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the global dictatorship
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