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 Old Group Reading...

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PostSubject: Old Group Reading...   Thu Nov 08, 2007 4:16 pm

This is a reading I posted on another Forum site a few months ago, for forgive anything that seems blatant, but I thought it was an interesting read, and brilliant how we all got the same answers:

***********Give me your thoughts, guys!*********

About 4 months ago, I asked the owner of the local Esoteric shop (Sarah LunarCraft) in Weston-super-Mare if we could make a sign for the shop to attract other people with similar views to our own to get together on a regular basis to learn off eachother and occasionaly help with Craft work and Rituals.

When we had about 5 members (which doesn't sound a lot be we are very close) we started talking about the different Divination methods we each use, and, after about a week, we started Divining together and comparing answers, and everytime the answers were identical.

After this, we all used our own preferred methods at the same time without asking specific questions, and we came up with this:

Past: The past of the current situation was based around power. Everything that happened was because of the tip of power in one direction. The balance was lost, although I still can’t see why, with the Runes being unwilling or unable to tell me. This affected one person’s life, directly, altering their mind (either subconsciously, with Psychism, anything) and this is how the balance of power was tipped.

Present: Lives of the leader/s are at risk. This is either physical lives, magickal lives, psychic lives, etc. We need a powerful person (or persons) to help formulate a plan (not a defensive one) to either aid or hinder the “True Power”

Future: Either all of this is fated or none of it is: Again, the Runes are being of conflicting judgement, but I believe that none of this is fated, meaning the outcome is impossible to read. The Runes spell out that there will be a purge, where a binding will occur, but with this binding, someone will be free. Although success is in the Runes, I don’t believe this means everything is going to be A-Ok, but one thing is spelled out in the Runes: there will be spiritual journeys involved, which, in the end, changes everyone.

Situation: All of our plans will be changing constantly. And the only plan of defense we need will be with us from the beginning. There will be pain on both sides of the conflict, but it will make us emerge stronger and healthier then before. It was fated for a group to meet and be the liberators of enlightenment, and the binders of the dark (which is exactly what the Runes spell out), which in the end is all due to the heritage of one person.

Our Involvement: The runes spell out that between us (or whoever “us” is, as I do not believe that our little group is quite finished growing) we have: strength, courage, the craving for balance and the power to restore it, a wanting for peace, we have all been through grief, we have leaders in a midst, predestined to aid the True Power, and between us, plans can become actions.

I know all this sounds completely stupid and I wrote it a while ago, but I wanted peoples views on it: this is exactly what my Runes spelled out, as well as other peoples methods, and I wanted to ask other peoples opinions, and whether anything like this has been said to others.

Feedback would be good!


This entire post is around 2 months old, so any past experiences would be good...

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PostSubject: Re: Old Group Reading...   Sun Nov 11, 2007 12:07 pm

Very interesting Tomi. This is specific to the group in question so I do not feel I am able to somment other than to say it was interesting to read and to speculate on.

Thanks for sharing this, I look forward to seeing comments from people who this was directly related to. Smile
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Old Group Reading...
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