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 4 elements: Poem 4- earth

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PostSubject: 4 elements: Poem 4- earth   Fri Nov 23, 2007 4:16 am


The layers beneath my feet do tell
Of stories old that do dispell
My arms apart my feet are rooted
Legends old soil newly recruited

Path connecting formations of my solitude
Within this grove of sacred fortitude
The oak, The beach, The ash and hazel
Reach my own hands sincere appraisal

So told the rock in the light of the moon
Its kind had lived from the wood to the coombe
Remaining without its original form
Earth weathered by the raging storm

A pebble washed up on the shoreline
From lands untelling of its mysterious kind
A man can pass and ponder the worth
Of our own story upon this settled Earth

You are the branches the twigs and the buds
From Spring to samhain, And between it hugs
So close your eyes and forget all you know
The one that points north is calling you home.
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4 elements: Poem 4- earth
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