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 Healing Spell Thing

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Era Amunet
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Era Amunet

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PostSubject: Healing Spell Thing   Tue Jan 08, 2008 2:47 pm

OK it isn't really energy healing but today one of my friends who used to be wiccan/pagan (don't know which) did a spell when she was younger which has lasted for ages (over nine or ten years so far!)
I found this out because I had one of my awful headaches and she just layed her hand on my head and my headache was suddenly gone!
There was a potion to go with it (she is giving me the "recipe" tomorrow) but the word were very simple and went like this:

I call upon my element, plus the sun
To help me heal anyone

and then repeat focusing on healing energy stuff (and when I post the recipie focus on that to)

This is only for healing minor things like head/back/neck ect acheand some other stuff I think
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PostSubject: Re: Healing Spell Thing   Fri Jan 11, 2008 9:48 am

Hey ^_^ i got my book today
the whole spell is here:

Quote :
A Live beetle
A small container/bottle (i used a glass oil burner)
lavander oil
sunflower oil
2 blades of grass
and 2 daisies

(the ingredients do sound rather... ott/stereotypical witch-like, however, these were only things i could get a hold of when iwas younger Razz also, though i used an oil burner, i did not actually burn anything...)

Place all the ingredients into the oil burner add two drops of both oils.
Close you're eyes rubbing the bottle across the centre of your forehead. while you do this, chant:
'I call on my element plus the sun, to help me heal anyone'

do away with the ingredients as you will (dont forget the beetle!)
from now, you can place your hands over where it is that is causing pain, concentrating on that spot while chanting the spell 3-4 times.

I created this when i was around the age of 9 actually, and i always called myself as a wiccan.
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Healing Spell Thing
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