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 Lyrics - Little Grey Desks

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PostSubject: Lyrics - Little Grey Desks   Sat Jan 12, 2008 1:40 pm

Mel (Solvo) has been insisting I put this on here. Blame her if it's crap, I wrote it to a hip-hop track I made for recording later. I don't think it's good enough to be put on here, but Mel insists.

'ere goes nuffin' :


Working in a lab on a chemical reaction,
Explosives for action, drugs for relaxin',
Tools laid out on my periodic table,
Enable the materials for opposite attracting,
Retracting my claws from the dress of opportunity,
Elemental balance is my gift and impunity,
A unity of lies and truth rolled in a king-skin,
I'm not braindead, I'm just thinkin'.

Sinkin' to the bottom of an empty beaker,
Diluted to taste and feelin' weaker,
Pity the atoms for their tough divorce,
I refuse ketamine coz I'm not a horse,
I'm a compound element and this is my mixture,
Synthesysed, the undeveloped picture.
A fixture of rivers and trees in my mind,
Back to realism coz that's behind

Concrete shoes in a concrete jungle,
Infection spreads like cements gone fungal,
Penicillin fillin' any gaps in the path,
Nitrous oxide doesn't make me laugh.
I cry into a petri dish and study my tears,
My worst fears like cancer results to my ears.
My life's on stall coz I changed the gears,
A chemical atrocity for twenty-three years.

But I'm a survivor,
Like McGuyver,
Pressure on my body like a deep-sea diver.
On a school skiver,
Stabbing up his friends coz he was an outsider.
Lessons never learnt but some are never taught,
Teaching 'em equations instead of good thought.
Little grey desks all scrawled with profanities,
Humanity just got replaced with Humanities.


My brain's just got back late from detention,
Now's not the time to request my attention.
You ask me to scrutinize, analyse, I paralyse,
I theorize, and realise that your full of lies.
You call it history I call it fiction,
Bending the truth must be an addiction,
A painful affliction that must be corrected,
Vomit the bullshit my body's rejected.

Listen up class, now here's your assignment,
Go into the world and find your allignment,
Wether it be spiritual, physical, or chemical,
Remember your life isn't just academical.
New radicals, you're the next generation.
Watch our mistakes so you can run a better nation.
Salvation from weakness by those we deem meek.
Oh yeah, your homework's due in next week.


You don't know what education means,
When cirricular bullshit is not spilling the beans,
You say we need facts but you don't teach us the truth,
No moral guidance for nations of youth.


Little grey desks all scrawled with profanities,
Humanity just got replaced with Humanities.
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PostSubject: Re: Lyrics - Little Grey Desks   Mon Jan 14, 2008 5:26 pm

Yey! I win! Razz
I love these lyrics and I'm sure I wont be the only one. As for them not being good enough to put on here, if I can post my poor attempts then anyone can! Smile
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Lyrics - Little Grey Desks
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