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 Power of Chant or Mantra

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PostSubject: Power of Chant or Mantra   Thu May 08, 2008 9:26 am

I've been using mantras off and on for some years now, primarily for meditation chakra sounds in conjunction with mala beads. Found it very effective. It has also been beneficial when I have been training, giving me that extra boost of energy to lift that weight.

But to get to the point of this post.

My husband went through a very bad spell of depression a few years back and it was tough because nothing seemed to reach him. He would simply withdraw, not speak, not look at me and it was like living with a ghost/a dark and angry ghost. Taking himself off to bed and not surfacing for a day whilst he tried to get his head together.

One morning I was distraught. Part of me, me being me, thought I had perhaps done something wrong. Cards and runes weren't giving me any consolation either but then I guess I was too upset to use them clearly. So I walked to work as usual. Twenty minute walk, and into my head popped a little mantra 'Make his sadness go away'. This little line repeated over and over as I walked and imagined my love reaching out to him.

Got to work of course and it had to stop. Can't audio type and have a mantra in your head at hte same time.

Mid morning my mobile rang. I looked at the screen feeling a little sick. It was my husband. He was quiet, subdued but told me 'something in my head just popped and the clouds cleared'. Whether I helped I do not know but when we got home we hugged, he cried and he told me he was scared of seeking help for fear of being sectioned or something because he had felt like he was losing his mind. In the end though we went to the doctors and found out he has a few conditions. He does have depression, not something that can be got rid of, it simply is, but also he has low testosterone levels which for a man causes depression and anxiety and bad moods. He also has sleep aponea which means he doesn't breath properly when he sleeps. All these things are being treated now and he is much better. Such an episode has not happened since.

I would like to think that in some way my mantra helped. It certainly felt potent at the time and as we two do tend to think very much alike, arrive at decisions independently at the same time it does make me wonder.

Anyway. Just thought I would share this with you. flower

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Power of Chant or Mantra
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