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 Life's Prayer

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PostSubject: Life's Prayer   Sat Jun 14, 2008 8:00 am

I have been asked by one of our members, DB, to post this on the forum. It is a work that took him six years to complete and until very recently has been kept private.



The Truth: By the laws of the Cosmos; all things are connected. By the laws of nature; all things die. By the matrix of life; we witness creation.

The Creed: I have found my heart, my inner peace, and my spirit. I am of life, and I am in harmony with all that be. I have awakened to life, and I am naked to both universal and supernatural forces. I do not live by the dogma of others or by the literal understandings of their manuscripts: I open my eyes; and I see life. I outstretch my arms; and I feel life. I breathe in; and I digest life. I lift a stone; and there is life. I look to the sky; and I am thankful for the experience.

The Cosmos: Throughout the cosmos, forces both natural and supernatural have fractured, reflected, energised and harmonised in a perpetual wonder. We here on earth have developed an understanding of the natural world and our place within it; honouring the moon’s phases, the magnitude of the celestial night, the voyage of the sun, and the changing of the seasons.

The Gift of Nature: We live today because of nature’s gift of a Mother and Father; for they are the life force that we became. For all their love and understanding; for the energy they shared and for the wisdom that they offered; for a mother’s nurture and for their guiding hand along life’s journey; Our love is eternal.

The Gift of Wisdom: May our Children explore all that is earthly and all that is mystical. May they develop an understanding of the cosmos and trust your guiding hand. May they find a spiritual awareness in seeking the truth to your design. May they find their inner spirit by exploring and trusting their feelings, developing their minds, and finding contentment in who they are. May they find that to love is to give; and to give is to love. May they become enthralled with life and say; “Yes” to the sunrise and to the sunset; and “Yes” to the night’s sky and to the moon; and “Yes” to the elements and to the seasons; and “Yes” to the joy of life; for I am me.

The Quietest Moments: May we, in our quietest moments; transcend our minds by reaching out through the darkness of time; to touch and feel, to breathe in and digest, to harmonise with and to experience; the old ways, ancient designs, nature’s laws, and the magnitude of the universe. May we be silent and settled; listening and learning, discovering our ascendants, acknowledging their labours and remembering our purpose. May we not return empowered; but return blessed and humble having experienced some of the mysteries within the wheel of life. May we be gracious and say, “Thank you”, for our experience.

The Journey: For the souls of our dead, may we ask; “Dark Mother of all Life and All Father of the Cosmos, return those recently departed to your realm, where they may be shown your original dreams of life. May we ask; they be given all the understanding about the wheel of life, and their place within that wheel. May we ask; they be filled with love and sincerity, strength and resolve, so that each soul can be reborn in truth and harmony, according to your laws. May we ask; guardian angels to guide and protect them in their journey.”

The Dare: I have dared to embrace trust; I have placed my arms around myself, and found me. I have dared to embrace nature; I have unfolded my arms, thrown them outwards, and found life. I have dared to embrace the cosmos; I have ventured into the unknown, dreamed the dreams of life, and found my inner soul. I am now free to entwine my arms with yours, and embrace love. Blessed Be.

By David, a Mystic Visionary, July 2005

Man’s vulnerability and mortal uncertainty; fuelled by civil and patriarchal dominance, and infused with
ridicule and fear, has lead to the suffocation of one’s own spiritual understandings and beliefs:
May we find our inner spirit; therefore our connection with life itself.

© David Babonau, July 2005
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Life's Prayer
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