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 Recent Thoughts..

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PostSubject: Recent Thoughts..   Mon Sep 15, 2008 9:21 am

Merry meet

I have been thinking alot about how we spiritually inclined people-pagan unbrellar-transpire to use nature's abundant energy to generate our numinous activities and overworldly endeavors. This thread will advocate the spectrum of subjectiveness that exists within any denomination of Paganism, and differentiation is key, as its human nature to discriminate between things that we individually view as being distinct and different. You only have to immerse yourself in the many Pantheons, dieties,practises,theories,heritage's, for a moment to realise that someone, somewhere may be posturing an incredulous stance, or viewing magick with a degree of skepticism. I personally feel that the segregation within Magical practice is a function of changing cultural and socio-trends, the ever spinning web of objectionalism and set in stone principals that themselves were hinged upon the very same subjectiveness that we declare when we are spellcrafting, us humble folk. Times are changing,the universe is vibrating at ever increasing cycles,making changes of a substantial nature here on earth, especially where the enviroment is concerned.However it would be ignorrant to forget how these great universal changes are bringing about economic instability and financial unrest,the infastructure of our world is affected on a deap level by the magickal shifts that are harmonising the great chasm of uncertainty. As cryptic as this thread may seem thus far, I am referring to the incomparable power of energy. The Life-force of Life, a paradox within itself. Energy is everything, it judges not, yet it is all-encompassing, It arches between physical five-sense reality and realms beyond our dense matrix. Energy is the perfect hermaprodite that channels both male ego and feminine divinity..

And we Pagans use this energy, and it matters not how opulent my description, how over-dramatised i may sound, the flux of spirituality demands such a rambling i feel. Do we act upon our inclinations as Pagans with respect to a general law? There is a small amount of Dogma tucked away neatly within neo-paganism yes, but are we subject to such limitations? Dogma or not, Coven or not, Solitary or not, do we take our own actions based on a rational analysis of what we have, all this abundant energy, and if so, how does energy-compartmentalised into all its dieities, gods and goddesses-feel about being used autonomously? I feel Magick is one of the few things we can apply Autonomy to. In our day to day life we are presented with myriad situations in which we have to make a choice, and most of that time we have to compromise and respect that an autonomous action would be simutaneously direspecting of someone elses wishes...So what is the wish of Energy? Does it have a wish? Have we eschewed its meaning by giving it names and sectioning it into workable units, in the same way a factory will categorise a unified resource? I wonder if man should have been allowed to spoil any workable solution towards spiritual perfection with our inane reasoning and the cross-pollination of our ego's. Your opinions on this matter i wish not to be privy to, share away, and i apologise for its slight esoteric flavours...such is the nature of its writer..

Blessed Be
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Recent Thoughts..
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