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 Poetic Musings

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Fire Phoenix
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Fire Phoenix

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PostSubject: Poetic Musings   Mon Sep 15, 2008 9:43 am


I wrote the following as an Ode to some good pagan friends of mine. Enjoy

A Beauteous sprig of freshness leaped out from the social snare,
And turned to its oppressors with a vigour debonair!
Your renewing linqual tapestry teams with overt novelty,
Held within your hands a pagan abstract, flowing sovereignty.

A firery plelude encompasses the auspicious southern levels,
Your spellcraft weaves erotically casting outward ego-devils.
In waiting is the sadness captured in your fleeting dreams,
You frame an earnest seeking within sanguine-coloured themes.

The smallest measure will pour itself so prudently upon your palm,
Illuminating any doubts that conceive the storm before eternal calm.
Rest within the mother realm and enoint your being with the resin,
Of myriad harmonic soulful guestures played by harp and mandolin.

A breeze, its path in life is to wander by the willows,
listening to the sound of nature whilst awake and between the pillows.
Unparalleled unfolding of awarenes is stirring within your soul,
Third Eye reverberations dance their tune, ebb flow and lull.

The beauty of your embrace leaves me feeling sacred and divine,
An inner secret compells me to view you as a treasured find.
Your voyage to the summer stars taught you wisdom from behind the veil,
I felt you inbetween the worlds standing firm within a psychic gale.

The harvest that you yearn for is a page a way my dear Breeze,
Quieten your aching mind and settle for the myriad dryads calling from their trees.
A tantric gift will aid you in measuring the ages of a joining folklore,
You are the forger, a child of freedom dancing upon the moor.

Little do i know about this wondrous artful candle flame,
Provokative and clandestine are the secrets dwelling in your name.
I sense a patterned tip-toe over woodland coming closer,
Your tree-like rings and roots divine spread underneathe sub-rosa.

Another power embedded in your etched and brustroked poise,
Is the gift of life and love and all that hums its silent noise.
Your spiritual side exists within an instrinsic and intriquing dawn,
In quantum worlds i saw you shine with shadows privy to their fawn.

Heir apparent to the life-force sewn from awen thread,
Your bardic wisdom pathed a way and with it fear shed.
Give yourself to the plants and trees and other sacred forms,
Awaken now to find yourself asleep within the cosmic dorms.

You are heightened and engrossed in wisdom's lucid aura,
I sense that knowledge made a friend of you to draw from its plethora.
fullness and clarity both sit proudly perched upon sound logic,
poised and ready, proud and steady few are those who dodge it.

Your beauty is within those eyes that match goddess sincerity,
Your smile arches like a rainbow catching glimmers of serenity.
Those Magick hands that give forth life are something of a rarity
I love the way your spiral soul makes a fool of spiritual infidelity.

Your soft steps cause the softess tremble upon this dense collage,
The butterfly of hope lies waiting for you in the hazy mirage.
keep your writing and your humour close to our minds eye,
The spirit that resides in you is for always it will never die.

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Nos Llew-Blaidd
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Nos Llew-Blaidd

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PostSubject: Re: Poetic Musings   Fri Dec 05, 2008 6:43 pm

very nice fire pheonix
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PostSubject: Re: Poetic Musings   Sat Dec 06, 2008 4:48 am

Thats really beautiful. Thanks for posting it
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PostSubject: Re: Poetic Musings   

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Poetic Musings
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