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 Black sun......?

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PostSubject: Black sun......?   Sun Dec 07, 2008 1:56 pm

i was on a 2 three level boat, with a few friends, i have a teleporty device, we split up, reach the top floor, 3 of my friends are with me still, its bright and sunny, go out on the deck (qhich was extraordinarily wide and long considering the size of interior), and suddenly without realising at first, the deck turns into dirt with some hill-like border instead of boatwall, and the trees with a sun turned black.
My exact thoughts were : "someone is attacking the system, i need to confuse it" and so i decided to confuse this thing, that i had no idea what it was(just changed the surroundings completely, but was still with my friends), by shapeshfting for about 10 seconds into various forms, I saw my figure in patches of red and other colour, changing into other forms, some of wich the faces (of mine) looked rather nasty, but it was so the 'attacker' would be frightened off. the transformations were like they were done in strobe lighting... i cant remember what happened after that, i think i woke up.

but the transformation... beside seeing myself changing into different shaps and creatures..... which seemed like it was done in strobe lighting, but the faces that i created, like one wich was ugly, comeing closer and widening its mouth to devour.... i am/was convinced that was me doing that.... but it was like ive just flicked through some horrid and graphic demon picture book

but what do you think about it? was it just me? i saw the black sun as representing death or destruction, but now i think about it, the whole surroundings just changed and i felt the need to defend myself... why?
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Black sun......?
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