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 another dream

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PostSubject: another dream   Wed Dec 24, 2008 4:33 am

i dont remember who i was or who i was with, beside this smart girl... but we were asked to find out who or what crime went on in our designated area. i think it was more of a challenge than real event...
the bit that got me most, was i went into this one room, and it was more like an auctionroom or museum than a crimescene... to the left of me i saw this huuge book of the dead, and gasped groping at it :S(dont mind the termiinology Razz) then someone tells me im meant to be looking for clues, not buying books... so i carry on lookng round, but i noticed i was putting my hand out to search via energy. i ened up shifting toward this bookcase, and picked out a book without a name... i then chose a page near the centre via energy again, and all i remember was it was to do with 'Mohammad' talking about fire, like fire bombs, asking his god what he should do, and what would happen if he didnt do something about it saying how it would turn to war and things... it came to me as being the Quar'an... in english... with double columns.
My friend also mentioned something about fire bombs or somthing and so i showed her the book and part i was reading, and she kept missing out the exact line, and i kept trying to point it to her and we ripped part of the book. even though it was an important book, we just shrugged it off...

i dont remember much exactly.. but it did seem strange actually reading parts from the quar'an.... never read it in my life hah!
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PostSubject: Re: another dream   Wed Dec 24, 2008 1:29 pm

ok heres what i think

it seems to me that your developing magicaly and that dream was trying to help you in its very strange way find answers to your second half (the angry half)
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another dream
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