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PostSubject: Malthastor   Fri Dec 26, 2008 4:46 am

A loud clap of thunder was heard from outside. A few moments pause and the encantation continued.
At the heart of the circle, the floor became distorted, like there was a sudden heatwave that you could see, but not feel. Louder and faster the figures chanted, my heart beating faster with their words. It started to rain against the windows, and within seconds, you could barely see a thing outside.
The demon rose from the darkness. Blond hair floated around him from the amount of power rising from his portal - his green eyes glared through each and every one of us like a sharp needle.
His arms were crossed, his grin wide and thin. From behind, deep purple shot out from his back – great velvety wings spanning across half the room. This is the prince of vengence. Malthastor.
The room was silent. All that could be heard was a slight breeze shifting around the demon. He opened his mouth, and spoke in a low smokey voice, “Who hath called me here? Who calls me to this dirty wastelander cell?” No-one answered.
“You,” he pointed toward number 6, “Why am I here? What do you low-lives want?”
The man scrambled to the Prince’s feet, dareing not to look upon him.
“W-we wish for r-r-retribution against our rivals!”
“That is all? Wasting my time…” he turns away, and raises his arms.
“Wait!” the man yelled and the demon Prince froze. “In return we will give you anything we can afford to give! We hear you like shiny things…”
“Shiny? The prince tilted his head. “And what shiny things might you give?”
Quickly all the numbered men reached for their pockets and poured out anything shiney they could find – gold, jewelry and teaspoons.
“We have more back home!” Man number 6 spoke again.
“Very well.” The prince turned to face me… he looked straight into my eyes. Even though I was standing behind a numbered man, he could see straight through me. I looked into his eyes again, green… ever swirling... devouring me.
“I shall accept your request.”
“Thank you lord Malthastor – when wil you be done?”
The prince looked to his feet and closed his eyes. But a few secondslater, he spoke again “I am already done.”
For a moment, the numbered men looked joyfull! Something that would bring hope to our small land and it was done so easily – the demonic ones really do have great power. I smiled. Then for a moment, I felt a sudden dread. What, no why do I feel like this?
I looked toward the demon prince and froze. Staring right into me yet again, his face began to change shape. His eyes transformed to pitch black and his hair darkened from blonde to a murky shade of grey. The purple wings also shifted, growing feathers as darh as his hair. His smile became distorted and started to protrude from his face, growing into a great, long hooked beak. In front of us was no longer a humanoid form, it was a monster – a beast that had a deadly cry like that of a banshee.

I didnt continue or add anymore at the beginning of the story, as it was 2 in the morning and was tired... but my idea came from a demon bird that ate peoples souls on an anime, and malphas and alastor combined.
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PostSubject: Re: Malthastor   Fri Apr 10, 2009 4:31 am

That is a really good start. Keep going, I would love to read more
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