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PostSubject: Shields   Sat Jul 25, 2009 4:49 am

Each of us have specific shields we use for specific things.

part of being able to consciously shield ourselves is being able to see through our minds eye what we require to happen, happening.

this requires little or no practice as all it takes is a little visualisation and a lot of faith in what we are doing.

some of us may feel we have a lack in the imagination department but all you really need is to see what you want and believe its there so no amount of a lack of imagination really counts.

im not going to post any of my personal shields as they are as said personal

but a simple one is as follows

close your eyes

which ever element you work best with see that element in its raw form (e.g. water rippling like the surface of a pool) around you in a complete sphere.

(continuing with the e.g. element)

feel the cold and the essence of the water around you

solidify the water as ice

believe what your seeing and feeling to be there and impenetrable

with practice you can alter or even add layers to said shield

peace to all
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