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 All in a name

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Talon Fyerblud

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PostSubject: All in a name   Sun Feb 27, 2011 6:43 pm

Hello to all. Perhaps some one can help me in my dilemma

I have been following the true path happily for several years but due location and chronic shyness my only real contact with other pagans is online. Sad i know but true.

Anyway due to personal circumstances I have been going through a period of self doubt and as such have begun to question myself and all about me including my chosen name.

While I still feel it sums up my personality due to probably my shyness I feel too self conscious to use it in any way, this is probably the first time openly.

So after that pointless ramble here is the question:

Am I being oversensitive or should I just call it a day and change my name to something more 'normal'.

And before you all start getting on at me I am probably looking for reassurance but if you want some self doubt then I have enough for a whole nation of people
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All in a name
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