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 The Giant Spider

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PostSubject: The Giant Spider   The Giant Spider Icon_minitimeWed Sep 21, 2011 6:17 pm

Wrote this the other night, while tired "and such". Not particularly awe-inspiring but it'll do:

"Under the tallest canopies,
And over the smallest shrub.
Trees, walls; branches, balconies.
Raindrops drip like the forest's blood.

A thousand eyes watch my every move,
Some watch hungrily, some with concern.
Some with claw, and some with hoove.
And some with shapes I cannot discern.

My ears ache with unrest.
The songs of the glen are eternal.
Where silence is a stranger the animals detest,
The collective voice of the wood is maternal.

Daylight slips through somehow,
Casting shadows in the gloom.
Some shadows just move as the wind howls,
But some spell out certain doom.

Just as I see the light ahead,
This inhospitable forest ends.
I run head-first into a net of thread,
Of sticky silk that apprehends.

Mighty webs of the strongest fibre,
The size of castle walls.
I hang there captured by an enormous spider
Feeling the web shake as it crawls.

The spider's fangs twitch with delight,
As it creeps slowly toward.
But I'm not going out without a fight
And my free arm goes for my sword.

With a few hacks at its flawless trap
I'm released from its deadly bond.
Now armed and poised, ready to snap,
With a sword and a magic wand.

I cast a cloud of searing heat,
And scorch the creature's eyes.
The fire spreads quick, and the spider's defeat
Is spelled as it screams and dies.

The spider's corpse falls to the earth,
In a mass of spasming limbs,
And burns there like a nightmare hearth,
Until the flames and the screaming dims.

The legs curl up like a wirey cage,
The smoking carcass is still.
The spider had lived for more than age,
But had chosen the wrong man to kill.

With the nightmare slain and the pathway clear,
I continue towards the light.
To the end of my journey, to the end of my fear,
Of having to stay in this forest at night!"

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The Giant Spider
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